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Alloy Refurbishment

 Diamond Cut Wheel Refurbishment

Evolve’s Diamond Cutting process is a premium service to repair damage, refurbish and enhance the wheels intrinsic look. Diamond Cut Wheels are very hard to refurbish correctly if you do not have the correct machinery. At Evolve we have state of the art Diamond Cut Wheel machines to obtain a finish identical to the original manufacturers wheels. If you have a leased car and need to get the wheels back to original condition without the need to buy and replace new wheels which can cost thousands of pounds then this is a service that you cant ignore.

Upon the Wheels Arrival we remove the wheels and tyres using a specialist machine. 

We clean your alloys using a specialist Aqua-Blast Machine that uses extremely hard fine plastic beads and water fed at high pressure. This removes all residues such as dirt, grease, brake dust, grime and tar.

First Bake. The wheels are then taken to our baking oven set at +/- 200 Deg. This releases tension in the wheel and releases any air out of the Alloy.

Our Technicians will survey every sq mm of your wheel visually to see if there needs to be any specialist weld or Alloy weld to build up missing areas on your wheel. The wheels are then analysed by our technicians and all Kerbside damage, scrapes and chippings from the road are logged and repairs undertaken with specialist welding equipment to build up the wheel if needed ready for the next process.

The Wheel is then put in a specialist CNC lathe and the readings are taken by laser and plotted into the computer extremely precisely in the Thousandth of a millimetre. The CNC machining process then starts to finely and precisely cut your alloy back into shape. The head of the CNC lathe spins at a extremely high speed while the extremely hard shaped diamond headed cutter takes off microscopic layers of the wheel. 

Lacquering and Baking
The alloy moves into our state of the art oven, which is a pressure controlled environment closed off from the rest of the refurbishment centre. Specially ventilated, the spray oven is used to apply dual layers of lacquer immediately after cutting, to protect your alloys against wear and tear and also from UV radiation, salt, moisture and dirt.

QC. The alloys take about 20-30 minutes to cool, and then they are carefully inspected by a technician to ensure the finish is perfect. All alloys pass through a thorough quality control check to ensure they have met our minimum standards.

We Re-fit tyres and Balance them – collection or delivery.

We can ship to anywhere in the mainland UK and we can obtain the best pricing for this. All goods are packed in bubble wrap and sent in sturdy boxes to avoid any damage.

From receipt it takes 3-4 days to refurbish a set of alloys.


Alloy Refurbishment
Alloy Refurbishment