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Vehicle Wrapping

Evolve use on the best materials for its wrapping services. Hexis vinyl is the best vinyl on the market and is the best to work with when used correctly.

Hexis vinyl is manufactured in France to all the relevant European quality standards and is one of the leading brands in the EU. Having tried many different brands of vinyl during test wraps in the early days, we have implemented a Hexis only policy. The Vinyl has a longer life, is more durable, Longer lasting than any other product.

The company specialises in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating of thin plastic films and have pioneered their own process to produce high performance cast vinyl films intended for professional signage, vehicle marking, visual communication and surface protection.

Hexis have a great range of products and a wide choice of types for various types of application. HX30000 speciality cast film is the ultimate long life, highly conformable cast wrapping film for full and partial vehicle wraps. This multi-layered cast film has various different effects & surface finishes and contains premium grade long life automotive pigments for more durable, long lasting, vibrant colours. The HEX’Press solvent acrylic adhesive technology enables the applicator to apply the film in a quick, efficient, bubble and crease free finish.

Hexis offer a wide range of colours and different types for various applications.

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Vehicle Wrapping
Vehicle Wrapping