Terms & Conditions of Sale

Acceptance of Your Vehicle:

Our installation time includes a full paintwork surface preparation prior to the vinyl being applied. We have to ensure that all tar grease build up , wax and silicone are removed using special chemical surface cleaners otherwise the wrap will fail. Any vehicle that arrives unwashed and requires jet washing will incur a time delay charge of £40.00.

The extra preparation time may push your car over schedule.

Defective Paint work

The successful application of wrapping film is only possible on original factory paintwork.  Any damaged, flaking or weak accident repair paint work will not allow the film to bond correctly.

For these reasons we cannot offer you any warranty on wraps over defective paintwork and any future wrap repair / replacement work will be chargeable at panel rate.

If you allow us to wrap over your non original factory paintwork then we will not be liable for damage that may occur to your underlying paint on removal of your wrap.

If your car has special surface treatments we need to be informed of these.  Any possible micro wax nano coatings present on the surfaces of your vehicle will cause a failure which we will not be liable for. We will need to use a special chemical to remove these coatings and we will not be liable for the wrap failing if you do not inform us prior to the start of the wrap.

If you do not provide us with this information prior to wrap all repair work will be charged at a panel rate.

Trim Removal

We will need to de trim your vehicle. We are able to de trim most vehicles however we are not body shop approved.  If your car is high value we strongly recommend you appoint an approved manufacturer body shop technician to remove your handles, mirrors , light clusters.  Many high value modern cars are controlled by computers and for this reason you may incur charges from your manufacturer /dealership.  We will not be liable for any of these charges during or after the wrap has been applied. 

If you allow us to de-trim your vehicle we will not be liable for any errors or repairs, mechanical electrical or parts exchanges.

Limitations of the wrap medium

We are covering your vehicle in film and stretching this within the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your warranty. 

‘Evolve’ have been appointed approved wrap technicians and are certified to apply wrap films.

At times we will need to place lower tension inlays and joins into your wrap which will be almost invisible. We do this out of professionalism for the best durability of our workmanship and so that your wrap has its full lifespan. If there are no joins on deep recesses this usually means a slightly more aesthetic result but the resulting weakness is not worthwhile. Over stretching the vinyl one of the number one causes of a wrap failing.  This is due to diluted adhesive coverage.

Handle bowls on front and rear bumper, air intakes and mirrors are the most common areas for consideration and we reserve the right to make expert decisions on any area we deem an issue.

Wrap Colour Change – The Pros & Cons

Although wrapping offers stunning finishes, textures and effects, wrap is not paint.  A wrap offers you the option of a temporary colour change  (personalised/fashion) and to protect the original paintwork underneath until removed.

To the untrained eye, it is very hard to distinguish a wrap from paint, however, the aftercare is different as is the finished look.

You should not attempt to use any t-cut compounds. Do not attempt to use polishes with acids or solvents in them.  Do not allow any silicones near the edges of the vinyl wrap.

Wrap Aftercare

Do not wash for 7 days.  Then hand wash only. No jet washing at all especially at the edges – this will void your warranty and decrease the lifespan of your wrap.  We can send vinyl samples off to the laboratories to define the causes of failure.

Wrap film may scratch and mark the same as paint – this is wear and tear.  However, a benefit of wrapping is the lower cost of panel repair work as opposed to paint body shop. Any repair work to wear and tear will be chargeable at a panel rate.

As opposed to a custom, hand air-brushed painted application, you can expect that the vinyl could have small wrinkles, bubbles and minor imperfections. Vehicle wraps should look great from 4 feet away and are considered a successful wrap. Vehicle wraps are not paint, and should be treated as a vinyl material covering on your vehicle.